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Kissimmee, Florida

Supreme Beings / Backyard Funk


“I’ve been B-Boying for 12 years, I have had the privilege to represent team USA in Europe and South America, also representing the state of Florida throughout all of USA.  A few successes for me so far in my breaking career, are my 5 year in a row winning streak at, “For Your Soul”, making it to Semi finals / Top 4 at the “Red Bull BC One Houston, Texas Cypher,” where the best top 16 b-boys of the southwest compete against each other. Also, I am three-time champion of “Freestyle Session: Florida Qualifier,” where I have been flown out to represent the state of Florida in the “Freestyle Session World Finals held” in L.A. A few of my entertainment accomplishments are having the privilege to tour around with WWE former wrestling champion, Marc Mero, as we helped encourage the youth and young adults to become champions of choices. Lastly, working with an amazing stunt and break dance team, Street Breakz, where popular companies like, Universal Studios , Disney, and many other amazing companies have hired us to put on one of America’s Best B-Boy Show! In the midst, I have also been privilege with teaching the art of breaking to the youth and young adults for four years now and it has been worthwhile watching many people fall in love with breaking!


‘Peace, love, unity, and having fun’.”



Kissimmee, FL | Brockton, MA


M.B.A. graduate with 10+ years in the industry as a performer, choreographer, instructor and director.

“I have taught over 3,500 different students over the past decade. I love dance and what it has done for me and I strive to pass that joy on to others.

My goal is simple- to help others enjoy their creative passions as well as elevate their craft. That is why I am here.”

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St.Petersburg, FL

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Nashville, TN

Weezy started dancing at Westwood Baptist church in April of 1999 under the direction of Rico Strictland. He had no formal training until 2004, when he began African class under the instruction of Nomanalonga Emifa. Starting from there he built his base in movement and began to explore other styles of dance as well. He has built his name these past years off of both street dance competitions and working in studios to spread his knowledge and love for dance. In pushing his love for the culture of Hip Hop and wanting to keep it alive, he became a member of H.U.H of Fancy Footworks in 2007.

In the past few years, he has judged numerous dance competitions in Atlanta, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Houston, North Carolina, and Nashville. In 2012, he became an instructor in Birmingham, Alabama for Creative Mindz Dance Studio where he helped  contribute to the national titles claimed by the group in the fall of 2012. He did not stop there as he was signed to two six month contracts with Sterling Plus Agency for a China tour to Haikou and Shanghai. There he assisted Antonio Mincy as a choreographer to build show for SongSong night club and he was a lead  choreographer for 7th Floor night club with responsibilities as a full on stage director and dancer.vWhile in Shanghai China he also continued to study his craft in hip hop at GH5, Hurry Up, Change,and Studio X.

In March of 2015, he returned home to build, his brand named, "Weezy the Phoniex". To start, he began judging and competing once again in local and international events across the world and continues to pursue his dream of dance as a mixed styles dancer now being well versed in not just African, Hip Hop, but also street styles such as House, Waacking, and Vogue. He describes himself as a artist and will continue to push forward in what he calls “full brain dancing.” By his definition, it is the ability to take your craft anywhere in the world and teach people that dance is not just a collective form of styles, but is a language that can be transcended through movement and the understanding that we are all one. He states, “Your translation may be different in approach, but can touch people both physically and mentally.”

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Orlando, FL


“Norfleet, also known by some as Cafe Tre, is a 24 year old dancer from Tucson, Arizona. He has been dancing for over 6 years, Freestyling for 5 years and Locking for 5. Tre found his love for Locking by making it a New Year’s resolution to devote himself to the style and defend its integrity. During his dance career, Tre has lived in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, close to Silver Spring, Maryland, close to Washington DC, as well as in Tampa and Orlando, Florida. He currently resides in Orlando trying to build a local Locking scene with the group Florida Funk which originated in late 2017. Tre has been a true student and teacher, organized events, competed in and won All-Style and multiple style-specific battles as well as judged events. Tre has made numerous mistakes and will be the first to admit where he has been wrong. He strives to continue to improve himself as a dancer, and more importantly as a person in every aspect he can. Always down to dance, conversate, and learn, Tre hopes to leave a positive impact on anyone that encounters him.



LA, California


My name is Roberto Dominguez Known as Anilysis aka SouljaTightEyex and I’m from LA, California . I’m a part of a krump organization called SK which stands for “Straight Krump” made by the creators Tight Eyex and Mijo. I am also a part of Academy of Villains. I’ve been on SYTYCD, Choreographed for SYTYCD, WOD LA, Universal Studios etc. I have performed for mainstream artists and shows in Las Vegas. I have been teaching and judging in over 25 different cities across multiple all over the country and have taught multiple workshops overseas. I taught my first international Krump workshop in Mexico. I have won All Style events and tournaments in Vegas, Sacramento, LA, Florida, Minnesota etc.

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Kissimmee, FL


Driven, Passionate, Patient and Empathetic Lisette “Sellie Curls” Cuevas is known for her heart of gold. Born and raised in Central Florida, she has, accumulatively, over 18 years of experience in technique and street dance styles; ballet, tap, hip-hop choreography, jazz, house, contemporary and more. She is a 2017-2018 member of Orlando’s Hip-Hop Megacrew “TheSQUAD” who took 1st place at both “Prelude: Dance Competition 2018” and “World of Dance Tour: Orlando 2018”.


Teaching is one of Lisette’s favorite skills. With 5 years of experience in children’s education, she is a huge advocate for teaching children self-confidence and self-esteem. As a dance instructor, she enjoys focusing on

movement with purpose and freedom.

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Republic of Moldova


“I started breaking in 2004. I was inspired by the movie ‘Le Defi’ featuring B-Boy Benji and B-Girl Sofia Boutella, Flying Steps Crew’s music video and the breakin’ crew ‘Simplu’ from Romania.


I didn’t have many opportunities due to a hardship in the family. I started to go to gymnastics, took second place on an internal championship for floor work, but unfortunately, I was withdrawn a year later for lack of payments.


5 years later in 2010 after graduating high school I enrolled in Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts. In 2014 I became licentiate in performing arts, majoring in Choreography. During the academy years, I traveled back and forth in Romania, a neighboring country, performing at different events and tv shows like ‘Romania's Got Talent.’ I was a finalist in ‘Romania Got Dance’ (3th place) and 1st place at Moldova ‘Hip-Hop Nationals Champ.’ I am the founder of hip-hop school in my county: ‘Freestyle Flavor.’


I moved to Florida in 2015 and have since participated at different arts festivals with my performances.


I love cats. ”



Orlando, FL


“I’m a Florida native born in Sanford & raised in Orlando, FL. I grew up loving to dance when I hear music. In 1998, I threw down my first Bboy round at an after school party and I’ve been bboying since then.


Today I represent The MF Kidz & Soul Rockerz Crew. Co-founder of MFKZ in 2008, a pillar in todays Florida’s generation and joined SRC in 2005 to represent & evangelize in the name of Jesus Christ. I have also promoted & hosted 10+ Bboy events like Concrete Palm Treezs & New Kidz on The Rock, emcee at shows like EVOlution 17’ Car & Bboy showcase, WestFest Hip Hop Festival. I judged many jams like For Your Soul, BRKN International, Epiphany, 757 FLAVA, Full Blown Soul, & more. I’ve also coordinate my crew travels as we fly to different events.


Breakdancing brought me in Hip Hop Culture as I grew in the dance. I lived this passion more than half my life and understand breakdancing could encourage and motivate the youth. It can build self-esteem and give a sense of belonging. I'd like to hope one day a student of mine from Huh Oh Studios would grow to represent us & Orlando at National and International levels. That would be amazing.”

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